We view your property and make you a better offer than you have ever received.

We pay up to 20% above market rental value!

If the property is not tenanted, WE TAKE THE HIT, not you!

We even renovate the property if required... so when you get your property back at the end of our lease agreement; it's in a much better condition than when we took it on.


All contracts will be using a commercial lease agreement over a 3-5 year period.

We essentially become your tenant.


It is fully legal and is not classed as sub-letting with mortgage companies.


It is your responsibility to check with your mortgage provider before entering into an commercial lease agreement with us.


You will never have to deal with a tenant again!

(unless you really want to)

We do all the work, you just receive your rent every month. No bills. Ever.

Sit back and watch your money roll into the bank.

What else is there to say?

It's hassle-free!

What next?

When you learn how enjoyable our service really is, you'll want more of it!

We have a sister company that specialises in sourcing fantastic properties in need of renovation.

We create fantastic returns as a result of negotiating a below market value purchase price, renovating, refinancing and then leasing them from you on a 3-5 year agreement!